Our centre’s donation based Mediation Service caters for court ordered and self-referred mediations and other forms of conflict resolution. Our face-to-face service is based in Galway City Centre supporting people from the West of Ireland

See below to find out more about what Mediation/Conflict Resolution it’s all about.

We provide donation based Mediation Services for:

Family Mediation

(couples separating or family disputes)

Housing Mediation

(students, social housing tenants etc.)

Community Conflict Mediation

(e.g. neighbour or schools disputes)

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process carried out by two or more parties and a mediator. In order not to go through an expensive and possibly contracted legal battle in court, the parties involved, along with a mediator, try to come to an agreement about a dispute or conflict. Mediation has many advantages as it saves people and companies money, time and stress in sorting out conflicts or disputes instead of going through the courts system.

When parties are satisfied with the agreement they come to, with the assistance of the mediator, they can then get their solicitors to put the agreement on a legal standing if they wish. A mediator is a trained facilitator who works with all parties in an impartial and confidential manner.