About My Way Programme

The My Way Programme provides free comprehensive career coaching, psychometric testing and evidence-based occupational mental health skills-training for the long-term unemployed.

Helplink identified the need for the My Way Programme in Spring 2014. We became aware that current job supports in place for the unemployed fail to address the mental health risks related to unemployment. Awareness of this issue came about through hearing the stories of the people that we have helped through our Counselling and Career Coaching services. As qualified mental health and career guidance professionals working together, we felt we were uniquely equipped to tackle this issue in our community and set about developing the My Way pilot programme which we hope to replicate nationwide.

In association with the Department of Social Protection, Helplink launched the My Way Programme Pilot in 2015.

Members of NUI Galway’s Psychology Department carried out an evaluation of the programme efficacy. On completion of the programme, 86% of participants reported programme delivery was quite or very helpful. 72% described themselves as ‘quite’ or ‘well prepared’ to re-enter the job market and believed that the My Way programme will have a ‘significant’ impact on their employment/training -seeking behaviour.  Overall, there was significant positive improvement in self-efficacy among My Way programme participants.

ESB Energy for Generations and Lilly have recognised the urgent need to support this initiative and have kindly sponsored the My Way Pilot Programme.


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NOTE: This programme is unable to cater for those with severe mental health problems, e.g. psychosis, severe depression or personality disorders. The ‘My Way Programme’ does not constitute psychotherapy or counselling nor can it be viewed as a replacement for psychotherapy or counselling. The ‘My Way Programme’ is a psycho-educational and career guidance/coaching programme.