Helplink Mental Health
Counselling, Education & Information

Our counselling services are provided by qualified, insured and Garda vetted Counsellors,

These services are available for children (ages 3 and up), young people and adults alike; 7 days a week and out-of-hours!

Call 0818 99 88 80 or email for more information or to book an appointment

Helplink Castlebar Therapy

Counselling Services Available:

  • General Counselling
  • Play Therapy
  • Youth Counselling
  • Bereavement Therapy

Mayo Play Therapy Appointments

We can support you if you are dealing with any of the below mental health issues:

  • feeling unhappy
  • feeling low
  • being constantly worried
  • lack of sleeping
  • feeling stressed and/or anxious
  • behaviour problems
  • anger issues
  • feeling sad
  • difficulty dealing with a death
  • being bullied/cyber bullying
  • feeling confused
  • problems with eating
  • not feeling good about yourself
  • lacking in confidence

Mayo Play Therapy Appointments

Opening Times

9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday

12 to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday

(Closed on Bank Holidays and Christmas/New Year’s Eve)

Please note: appointment booking is available 9 to 5 Monday to Friday

Appointment Fees:

Discounted Fees: for general, addiction and bereavement counselling appointments the fee is €30; if you are dependant on any of the follow Social protection payments, you can avail of our Discounted Rate for appointments:

1. Jobseekers Benefit/Allowance
2. One Parent Family
3. Disability Benefit
4. Carer’s Allowance/Benefit
5. State Pension

You can get evidence of your proof of payment in the following ways:

  • If you are registered on you can get proof
  • You can ask for a print out receipt at any Post Office
  • You can get a letter from the Social Welfare Office
  • You can show your bank feed payment (comes up in the bank usually as DSP
  • You can contact local welfare office and they can provide you with a letter of confirmation. See:

Full-time Student or Part-time Counselling/Psychotherapy Student: The following is acceptable as evidence of your status as a student:

  • A valid student card which includes the name of your course
  • A letter from your faculty confirming your status as a full time student or a part-time counselling/psychotherapy student.

Part-time worker who works less than 20 hours per week: The following proof of your status will allow you avail of the discounted rate:

  • A letter from your employer confirming your weekly hours of work
  • A redacted payslip (dated within the last 3 months) showing your weekly hours of work

Note 1: you must provide evidence of your status to avail of this fee. Other specialised counselling/therapeutic services fees may vary.

Note 2: For young people (under the age of 18), the appointment fee is determined by which category their parents/caregivers fall into.

Employed Persons Fee: as a non-profit organisation we try to keep the fees for appointments as low as possible. For employed people the cost for a general counselling appointment is 65. Please ask about the fees for the other types of counselling appointments we offer, as these fees vary.

For our other counselling/therapeutic services Play Therapy, Art Therapy & Couples Counselling – please see each page for details.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide a crisis service, Therefore, if someone is seriously contemplating suicide or in need of immediate help, they should go to their local A&E; Dial 999 for assistance.

Please further note: if you want to cancel or postpone your appointment you must do so 48 hours in advance. Consequently, a cancellation fee may apply.

If coming to our offices isn’t a possibility for you, for whatever reason, or you prefer to get counselling from your home or other private space, we also have an online counselling service.