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Online counselling works the same as traditional face-to-face counselling, the only difference is that appointments happen through your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Also, online counselling can be more effective as it is provided in a place that can be more comfortable and more convenient for you

e.g. your own home, office, while walking, in your car, etc!

Most noteworthy, Helplink’s professional, qualified, insured and Garda vetted counsellors are available at times to suit you; 

7 days a week and out-of-hours.

Online Counselling Nationwide

Helplink Online Counselling Services 

General Counselling

Bereavement Counselling

Youth Counselling

Couples Counselling

Addiction Counselling

Youth Addiction Counselling

Online counselling allows you to connect with yourself and others regardless of where you may be in the world.

All of our counsellors are qualified, insured, Garda vetted and they undergo extra training in providing counselling online.

Issues that our counsellors can help with:

  1. Feeling unhappy
  2. Anxiety
  3. Stress
  4. Low mood
  5. Confidence
  6. Self esteem
  7. Anger issues
  8. Addiction problems
  9. Lacking in Confidence
  10. Eating problems
  11. Bullying
  12. Bereavement
  13. Sleeping issues

Appointment Opening Hours:

  • 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday
  • 12 to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday
  • (Closed on Bank Holidays and Christmas/New Year’s Eve).

Note: administration are available to schedule appointments 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.


    Discounted Fees: for general, addiction and bereavement counselling appointments the fee is €30; if you are dependant on any of the follow Social protection payments, you can avail of our Discounted Rate for appointments:

    1. Jobseekers Benefit/Allowance
    2. One Parent Family
    3. Disability Benefit
    4. Carer’s Allowance/Benefit
    5. State Pension

    You can get evidence of your proof of payment in the following ways:

    • If you are registered on you can get proof
    • You can ask for a print out receipt at any Post Office
    • You can get a letter from the Social Welfare Office
    • You can show your bank feed payment (comes up in the bank usually as DSP
    • You can contact local welfare office and they can provide you with a letter of confirmation. See:

    Full-time Student or Part-time Counselling/Psychotherapy Student: The following is acceptable as evidence of your status as a student:

    • A valid student card which includes the name of your course
    • A letter from your faculty confirming your status as a full time student or a part-time counselling/psychotherapy student.

    Part-time worker who works less than 20 hours per week: The following proof of your status will allow you avail of the discounted rate:

    • A letter from your employer confirming your weekly hours of work
    • A redacted payslip (dated within the last 3 months) showing your weekly hours of work

Note: you must provide evidence of your status to avail of this fee. Other specialised counselling/therapeutic services fees may vary.

Employed Persons Fee: as a non-profit social enterprise we try to keep the fees for appointments as low as possible. For employed people the cost for a general, addiction or bereavement counselling appointment is 65 (Couples counselling appointments are 80).

Note: For young people (under the age of 18), the appointment price is determined by which category their parents and/or guardians fall into.

* If you want to cancel or postpone your session you must do so 48 hours in advance. Consequently, a cancellation fee may apply.

Helplink Testimonials
3rd August 2023

Phenomenal counselling service and offers part time workers/students an amazing discounted rate. Eva is an amazing counsellor. I genuinely do not have words for how good Eva is at her job, and how genuine she is with her clients. I always felt so comfortable to show up as any version of myself to the sessions, and this is the most in control I’ve ever felt with my mental health due to all of her help. Thank you all.

Helplink Testimonials
28th July 2023

Natalie was kind, empathetic and helped me navigate a difficult time in my life. She was flexible when appointment times had to be changed and was always very organised for our sessions. I can’t thank her enough for her support and work we did together.

Helplink Testimonials
22nd March 2023

Eva is a wonderful online counsellor and I’m so glad that she was my counsellor, she totally understood me from the start and listened to me and most importantly heard me, I was going through a very difficult time in my life and was in a very emotional painful place, at the time I sought counselling, I feel Eva helped me understand myself and helped me to see the bigger picture and its been very worthwhile for my mental and emotional well being

Helplink Testimonials
22nd March 2023

Natalie was excellent. Always easy to talk with, kind, encouraging and gave great advice and helpful worksheets. I’d like to think I’d go back to her again if ever I need to.

Helplink Testimonials
22nd March 2023

Clodagh provided a safe virtual space for me to explore my current feelings and past experiences.
I greatly benefited from her gentle but practical approach and left the sessions feeling listened to, and armed with easy-to-implement exercises that made a big difference in my everyday.
I really value this service and I’m very grateful for the support that Clodagh gave me.

FINAL NOTE: We do not provide a crisis service. People seriously contemplating suicide or in need of immediate help should go to their local A&E. Dial 999 for assistance.