Helplink Testimonials

The shame and pity I felt with my gambling addiction made me feel horrendous emotions. I felt like killing myself, even though I was receiving help from GA. This was, until I began my counselling with Kevin in Helplink.

He began weekly sessions with me and his ability to listen and give suggestions enabled me to understand the cause and root to not only my gambling but the everyday problems that I was experiencing in my life

Having counselling during Christmas and key holidays/sporting events was key.

Recently, I was one full year off gambling and I couldn’t feel better. I know this is from the counselling I have received from Kevin and from GA. I exercise regularly, deter myself from those acting negatively around me and think positively about every situation. Most importantly, I can cope with my emotions and think with peace of mind. Without Kevin’s help in Helplink, I have no doubt that I would have taken my own life and I will be forever grateful for this.