Results from a study published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine indicate that internal EA services significantly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety…these reductions in mental health symptoms are also strongly connected to subsequent decreases in absenteeism and presenteeism’. This research and other research on the area of EAPs can be found at

If you would like your company or organisation to have a more productive workplace and to also work in an environment that has better communication then our workshop/s are what you need.  Our qualified workshop facilitators are trained Mental Health Counsellors as well as Career Counsellors. They have combined these separate but interconnected skills sets to develop a workshop that provides your team with the tools to reduce stress and anxiety – both in and out of the workplace. In our workshops, our facilitators also provide training around effective communication with others who may be distressed (team mates and customers).


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Leadership Workshops

Our Leadership workshops are aimed at leaders and managers and can be tailored to the specific company requirements. Providing knowledge and evidence-based practices in dealing with problems, but also fostering company culture are important elements of success and employee retention. The following topics can be incorporated in the leadership workshops:

Stress and Anxiety
One of the most pressing issues in the workplace is stress, sometimes coupled with anxiety. Our workshop provides vital knowledge about stress and anxiety, and experientially teaches various ways to meet and overcome stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Safe Communication
Communication is at the heart of every company culture but how conscious do leaders communicate? Encouraging safe communication and engaging employees are cornerstones of company culture. Safe communication teaches managers how to deal with distressed employees and addresses the issue of suicide thus providing leaders with a safe and confidential method of dealing with employees.

Employee Workshops

Our employee workshops provide staff with knowledge and experiential learning to combat work stress and other possible mental health issues and encourage individuals to take action and becomes change agents themselves.

Mindfulness at Work
We address stress and anxiety and teach mindfulness specifically in the workplace providing hands-on learning techniques. Due to the experiential nature of our workshops learning is effective and will be retained, providing an important platform for personal growth.

Our Team

Our team of experienced behaviour change consultants and counsellors facilitate these workshops, providing a confidential and safe environment for lively and meaningful learning, discussion and teaching.

As we are non-profit organisation the fee for our workshop/s is low cost in comparison to for-profit companies. Call us on 091 759887 or email for more information and a quote.

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