Kennedy, L, M. Lyes and M. Russell (2014) Supporting the Next Generation of the Irish Diaspora, Clinton Institute, UCD: University College Dublin and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

Irish in Australia

“Perhaps more than physical health concerns, mental health issues are becoming more pressing with the Irish community in Australia” “As the burden of migration – loneliness, isolation, lack of networked support – can be a significant factor among migrants, it is crucial that these issues be recognised overseas…and recognised as …the nexus of the migrant relationship with the host country and with home”

Irish in Britain

“…growing signs of vulnerability among those who arrives in the 1980s…even among the new generation of immigrants, many of whom are well-educated and self-confident, there are disadvantaged Irish and growing reports of psychological problems caused by dislocation…”

“The Irish population in Britain have high rates for a range of mental health problems…especially prevalent among Irish men”

Irish in USA

“…interconnected vulnerabilities around immigration status, substance abuse and mental health should be at the forefront of short-term work…these issues are heightening the vulnerability of numerous Irish” Crosscare Migrant Project (2015). Mind How You Go – Report on a survey of 500 Irish emigrants. 

“Participants were asked ‘How did your expectations or perceptions change in the first month after your arrival?’ …. 64% (244) of respondents stated in one way or another that they found the experience harder than they expected.” “150 people or 35% of respondents gave answers relating to missing family, friends or home. There were clearly a high number of respondents undergoing considerable emotional suffering.”